4 Quick Tips to Better Leadership Authenticity

Here are 4 quick tips for better leadership authenticity from author and leadership consultant, Phil Eastman.

First, there are three major barriers:

  1. First, we live in an image saturated world with few opportunities to see, recognize and celebrate authentic leadership.
  2. When character discussions arise, they are almost always directed negatively rather than focused on the positive. In other words, character is more visible when things are fractured rather than intact.
  3. The third and possibly most challenging element in the pursuit of leadership authenticity is solid and realistic self-awareness. Introspection about your character and leadership style is very difficult and yet is the master key to your development.


All that said, self-awareness is the key to authentic leadership, and authentic leadership is critical to your organization’s success. To develop authentic leadership, one must –


  1. Find and use a character model that appeals to you.
  2. Determine what behaviors you will adopt and build into your leadership based on that character model.
  3. Practice your new leadership behaviors in the work you currently do.
  4. Share with your team what you are working toward (they will appreciate the authenticity).


Please post your wisdom and experience too – thank you

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