4 Quick Tips on Building Team Culture

There are many great advantages to a strong culture –

  • better teamwork
  • higher performance
  • greater loyalty
  • more open communications
  • more alignment and cohesiveness of teams

One outcome that often gets overlooked is that empowerment is much safer and easier when you have a strong culture. If your people know the goals, values, expectations, and boundaries, they can effectively make decisions at the lower levels—which means they will feel more valuable and more likely to work hard to live up to your confidence in them.

Here are the 4 responsibilities of leaders to strengthen your team culture –

  1. Leaders must define and own the culture. You as a leader own and support it 100%—meaning the purpose, values, and unique attributes of what you want and expect. If you’re the senior leader, you have that right and role. If you’re the subordinate leader, then you must embrace it 100% as though it was all your idea. If not, leave ASAP because you are being disloyal.


  1. Leaders must clarify the culture. The purpose, values, and unique aspects of your culture must be clear to all, and it must be repeated often. People have short memories and naturally tend to go with the path of least effort. People have very different personalities and past experiences, so the expected culture must be a living, breathing part of the environment.


  1. Leaders must live the culture. Your example shows your commitment to the standards you’ve set. The higher up the ladder you are the more people are watching you. Your example inspires and reminds them of the cultural expectations. Your people are serving you, and the quickest way to undermine your authority and other’s confidence in you is to violate the culture you are advocating.


  1. Leaders must enforce the culture. Remember that you’re leading humans, and none of us are perfect. But as a leader, you must emphasize the positives (the carrot) of having an important purpose, healthy values, and ground rules (guidelines, policies and boundaries) in your culture.


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