4 Quick Steps to Connecting Better with Others

While many companies are already planning to reduce the demand for people to come to the office, Gallup’s research shows a disturbing abnormal outcome between employee engagement and well-being:

  • Based on normal historical data when engagement goes up, wellbeing also increases—the two seem to feed off each other.
  • However, the new Gallup survey data shows while engagement went up in 2020, wellbeing decreased.

The other shoe fell and brought us a new potential problem—Burnout. The Gallup Wellbeing survey focuses mainly on stress and worry, and as those increased, wellbeing went down.

Whether you’re naturally a results-focused leader or a relationship-focused leader, it’s a good time to use of the 4C’s of the Courageous Accountability Model to guide your discovery process:

1. Clarify. Pause to think it through and then do you own clarifying analysis of the wellbeing of your team. Is their performance high? And conversely, how is their level of stress and worry?

2. Connect. We always talk about two kinds of connecting –

  • Connect based on unique, natural DNA (talents and personality). Great leaders communicate and manage people based on their uniqueness.
  • Then connect with their hearts. Every person wants to feel valued, worthy, and significant.

3. Collaborate. The stresses of quarantine and working at home are new territory. Consider having some good discussions with your team on the key stressors and ask them to share their ideas and experience. What are they doing to cope? What’s working?

4. Closeout. Closing out this process by formulating a plan of action should result in one or both of the following –

  • Celebrate. Don’t ignore the great success your team and individuals have had.
  • Confront. Often, it’s good to confront yourself about your own work life balance.

Please post your experience and wisdom below, too – thank you

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