4 Quick Leadership Steps to Believe in Yourself

Have you ever had to coach yourself through a stressful moment and conquer the doubts and fears attacking your mind? Believing in yourself is always important, because we all struggle with some layer of self-doubt and encounter these battles.  

Here are four practical steps that will get you to move in the right direction, literally and figuratively:

  1. Remember that doubts and fears are normal. Managed wisely, they help keep us on our toes; a little doubt can keep us humble. But if they take over, they will undermine our success. When you feel them start to have a negative impact that is truly undermining your confidence, push back and reflect on your true self.
  2. Believe in Yourself. You are a capable person with strong values. You have fought battles before to keep your commitments, to own your responsibilities, to stand for what you believe in and to do the right thing. Talk to yourself and listen.
  3. Reflect on how you will respond in a wise and healthy way. Gather yourself and clarify what is the right, honorable, and appropriate response for the situation. If you think your emotions might push you toward unhealthy responses, seek counsel from a wise mentor, friend, or teammate.
  4. Respond. Go do it, but make sure it’s done with confidence and a positive attitude that is respectful of others. Your response may be a yes for one person—that makes them happy, or a no for another person—that makes them unhappy. That’s okay.

When self-doubt creeps in, remember, the advice above: To thine oneself be true and go out there and be 100 percent you. You can do it.

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