4 Quick Camaraderie Tips

What’s the one thing that leaders and teams want right now more than anything else? It was confirmed to me again recently during a distance learning webinar that we presented for over 100 participants. The most important thing they wanted was camaraderie—interaction with their buddies and friends”. 

For us to improve our camaraderie leadership skills—especially as we work remotely—let’s adopt The C.A.R.E. Approach –

  1. Connect and communicate. Connect with the heart- not just the head. Be intentional to reach out and communicate with an attitude and persona of enthusiasm, caring concern and support.
  2. Affirm. Find something positive about the person that you have experienced and call it out. Set aside perfection and look for something such as unique talents, smiles, good words, timely responses, character, team contributions, etc.
  3. Regard. This is somewhat subtle but extremely powerful. Make your attitude and countenance reflect a high regard for the person. Regard is about esteem and that is best communicated from a cognitive base, that is wrapped in warm emotions. For some this will be a stretch, but it may be the greatest gift you could give someone who is isolated and struggling with their self-image, lacking confidence, and insecure. The effort can pay huge dividends.
  4. Encourage. What can you say to inspire, cheer, reassure, or boost this person? How can you let them know how valuable they are as a person, friend, teammate?

Please add your advice by posting your comments below. 

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