4 Leadership Tips to Help Your Team Succeed in 2019

As honorable leaders, our goal is to wisely manage tactical team goals and results while avoiding pressure to meet unrealistic expectations. Follow these four steps to meet your goals and help your team succeed the right way in 2019 –


  1. Recognize the realities of the human domain. People want to succeed. People want to be valued. People want to look good to others. Peer pressure is powerful. Management pressure can be even more powerful.


  1. Clarify and create an atmosphere that feels safe. Build trust. Clarify expectations. Listen to their input and ideas. Set the example by being authentic and vulnerable.


  1. Connect with your people. Connect based on your and their unique talents. Connect with their hearts by letting them know they are valued and appreciated.


  1. Collaborate with the mindset that your goal is to help them be successful. Communicate via an ongoing dialogue. Allow them to debate the issues. Solicit status reports and give them feedback. Keep coaching them.

Please comment on your tips and experience below, too. Also, read the entire article on this topic – “4 Ways to Modify Leadership Behavior on Unattainable Goals”




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