3 Truths That Will Set Yourself Apart in Leadership Performance

Understanding behavioral differences in yourself and others has a profound impact on career trajectory as well as all relationships at work and home. To apply DNA Behavior in day-to-day work, managing differences must be a major focal point for leadership and team development.

To get better results, be more persuasive, or quickly adapt interactions with another individual, you must accurately and logically understand differences. There are three logical conclusions that are crucial for leadership and teamwork success –

  1. Our natural talents/strengths (DNA Behaviors) can be completely opposite from others.
  2. Our behavioral opposites typically have natural talents/strengths that complement our missing talents.
  3. Since natural talents/strengths are accompanied by related struggles, our opposites have the potential to irritate us, and too often we focus on their struggles first rather than their strengths. Not good.

These insights help leaders to logically understand and accept differences in others and begin to learn to manage different talents (people) differently.

So, the challenge for each of us is to understand others and adapt our behaviors so they will be most effective with our teammates.  I’m coaching myself every day to apply this; what about you? Please post your comments below.

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