3 Right-Now Tips to Lead Millennials and Younger

The strengths of this generation and younger are clear—they are:

  • Open to Change and Diversity
  • Team-Oriented—like Collaboration
  • Confident and Enthusiastic
  • Hard-working (if they feel valued)
  • Tech-Savvy
  • Ambitious and Achievement-Oriented

Millennials are not so different as any other generation—they want:  

  • To be heard
  • To be validated and appreciated
  • To get more feedback and recognition
  • To enjoy working in a collaborative manner
  • To have more flexibility and choice
  • To have more training and development

Besides the generational nuances of Millennials, we believe that understanding the behavioral differences in individuals is a more important leadership skill set. Behavioral differences can be a team’s greatest asset or detriment, so we train teams of all ages every day using assessment tools like Leadership Behavior DNA to help leaders manage these differences.

Want to effectively lead all generations including Millennials? If you focus daily on these three areas, you will increase productivity, employee engagement, and customer engagement:

  1. Choose Character First. To have credibility with your team or organization, choose to do the right thing regardless of the situation.
  2. Be Mission-Focused. All organizations want results, and teams want to succeed if they’re given clear goals and objectives.
  3. Take Care of Your People. While working on getting results, you must connect and collaborate with your people personally and professionally. Connect with the heart, and connect with their natural talents and behavior.

What has been your experience with training and leading Millennials? Please share your thoughts below.

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