3 Quick Tips to Motivate Your Team to Take Ownership

Do you want three quick tips to take more personal ownership in your work (and/or motivate your team)? Lee offers this timely advice –


  1. Clarify expectations. Seek clarity on what is expected. What’s the desired outcome for the task or assignment? You need to make sure that what you are thinking is expected, matches what your boss is expecting. Your first job is to make them happy.


  1. Consider the bigger picture on what will be required to make it work beyond the minimum requirements.

– How can I serve in the best way? How can I make it smooth for my boss, customers, clients, and teammates?

– Will this impact others or other organizations? Should I coordinate with them to make sure they are on board?

– What problems or issues might come up that we had not thought about?

– Are there any unintended consequences that might arise?

– Be intentional to cover every angle to make sure it goes well.


  1. Commit your heart to the task of exceeding expectations. Go above and beyond to make sure things are done the right way. Most often, it’s fulfilled as having a positive, servant-oriented attitude.


There is no guarantee that taking ownership and exceeding expectations will guarantee your advancement, but it does position you in the best possible way. Please post your advice on this topic too – thank you

Also, read the entire article on this topic – “Exceeding Expectations as a Leadership Success Strategy”




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