3 quick leadership tips for senior leaders

3 quick tips for senior leaders: renew your value by sharing your legacy of experiences, battles, successes, and failures. Otherwise, future generations are doomed to repeat what you’ve already learned in your personal and professional life. Here are three unchanging principles that will renew leadership value for yourself and others –

  1. Preparation – Share it and Use it

Think of times in your past when you’ve been most successful. It was likely a time when you created a plan, took the necessary training, and worked hard to fulfill the steps to make it a reality. These experiences created a unique set of training principles that would be invaluable to next generation leaders. Elevate your value by helping prepare them to take your place.

  1. Commitment is Foundational

As a young leader, it’s likely at some point that you wanted to look for an easy way out when a situation got really difficult. If you didn’t choose to stay committed to the goal, you would’ve given up. Next generation leaders may not have a clue what they will face in their professional futures, but you can help equip them with the right perspective, tactics, and attitude to successfully commit and stay the course.

  1. Live and Lead with Honor

To live and lead with honor sets one apart in every area of life. Honor is about integrity, decency, principle, morality, character, nobility, respect, dignity, and high values. But, an older leader like you can tell a next generation leader that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Fear is always lurking around the corner, and it will take you out. The antidote to fear for all leaders is courage—leaning into the pain of your fear to do what you know is right even when it doesn’t feel natural of safe.

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