3 Quick Goal-Setting Tips for the New Year

3 Quick Goal-Setting Tips from Leading with Honor – Already feeling that pressure about goals for the New Yea? Here are three tips that will help us achieve our goals this year –  

  1. Remember how you have sacrificed in the past and the reward that came from your suffering.

As a Vietnam POW, when you have eaten nothing but a bowl of thin soup and a piece of bread or cup of rice twice a day for weeks, months, years, you know you can eat almost anything and survive well on a lot less than the typical American diet. What seemed like sacrifice became the accepted way of life because it was the only way to achieve our goals. You also have examples where you’ve paid the price—reflect on them.

  1. Use determination and discipline to overcome your fears.

When you sacrifice (and even suffer) to achieve an important goal, it’s fear that you have to combat. As a writer, I have to fight off the “fear of failure” voices in my head telling me “this is no good” and “who would read this?” We must fight back, knowing that once we kick fear out of the way, we’ll find that sacrifice helps us reach beyond ourselves and find success. Lean into the pain of your doubts and fears and do what’s needed to achieve your worthy goal.

  1. Make your goal public and enlist a support team to encourage you along the way.

The wisdom of the ages is that you should never fight alone. In the POW camps, we would risk our lives to reach out to isolated teammates. Victory is usually a team effort and especially when you’re fighting discouragement. Who will encourage and support you when things get tough, and help you stay the course?

What’s your decision? You can sacrifice this year to grow, change, achieve, and reach a higher level!  Please post your wisdom below.

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