3 Leadership Tips for Dealing with Meeting Dread

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach about going to meetings? Let’s take a moment and deal with “meeting dread”. It’s the kind that comes from fear and undermines every facet of leadership. Here are 3 ways to defuse the tension from friend and former CEO Tom Crawford –

  1. Be intentional to show respect and dignity for others.

Tom learned to appreciate all types of people early in life when working construction to pay for college. In those positive and negative experiences in that season, Tom made a commitment to lead others by showing genuine respect and dignity. Having that type of commitment takes a lot of courage and inner confidence.

  1. Establish clear expectations.

It reduces fear and gives positive energy that increases productivity and problem-solving. It’s crucial that everyone understands the ground rules, their responsibilities, the agenda, and the leader’s desired outcomes. Whether on target or behind in each team member’s commitments, they can also expect that others may offer helpful ideas or support.

  1. Communicate openly and often to collaborate.

In the conversation, Tom kept coming back to the importance of healthy communications to facilitate the kind of transparency needed to collaborate and work as a team. Ultimately individual goals impact team goals, which drive organizational success. Communicating effectively is hard work for anyone, but it’s more of a stretching exercise and adapting out of their comfort zone for others.

Please comment on your tips and experience on this topic too. Want to read the entire article on this topic? Read the latest blog articleDiffusing Meeting Room Behaviors the Right Way”



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