2022 NamPOW Reunion Highlights

Mary and I had wonderful evening at the 2022 NamPOW reunion ball Saturday evening in Greenville SC. It was an outstanding five-day event with lots of time to hang out with our old cellmates from the Hanoi Hilton and other POW camps. There were four men and wives attending that ranged in age from 90 to 93. I was one of the youngest in the camps and greatly benefited from these senior leaders and role models.



At the 2022 NamPOW reunion in Greenville SC, my buddy and fellow cellmate Gene Smith and I met Lieutenant Governor Pam Evette of South Carolina. She was impressive, friendly and gave a very warm welcome to our audience in her brief presentation.



Two other couples at our table at the 2022 NamPOW reunion last week were Smitty and Louise Harris on the left and Gene and Lynn Smith on the right.  We boys were long-term cellmates in the Hanoi Hilton, and then have been close friends ever since. Smitty was the one who brought in the tap code early in 1965. (Read about it in his book Tap Code). He was a POW for more than eight years. Louise raised their three children all alone and did a fantastic job. You can read the romance and love story of both these two couples in our new book that will be out next year, Captured by Love: inspiring true romance stories from Vietnam POWs.



In the next photo are two more old buddies who were cellmates for a long time, too. Ron Mastin on the left and Jay Jayroe on the right.  Their wives were not able to attend. But our table had five of us who had been together for a long time.



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