How many of these 7 core behaviors in the Honor Code do you use everyday?

How many of these 7 core behaviors in the Honor Code do you use everyday? Let’s all encourage each other live with character, courage, and commitment – feel free to share this graphic! Download a free version of the Honor Code suitable for framing and posting in your office or team area. Visit the Honor […]

On This Day in Leadership History for March 26, 2017

On this day in leadership history in 1859, the 1st supposed sighting of Vulcan, a planet thought to orbit inside Mercury; it doesn’t exist. What’s the leadership lesson? Research and testing is needed in day-to-day work, but correct quickly if mistakes are made. Planet Vulcan – Wikipedia      

Connect: Know Yourself—Know Your People: Watch This Coaching Clip

Want some proven leadership consulting on connecting with others? The first critical step is to know yourself and know your people! Lee explains this tactic in the clip from Chapter 6 of his book, Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability. Special bulk purchase options available for team development.      

A FAQ from Lee Ellis – “My boss is hesitant…”

A Frequently Asked Question from Lee Ellis and Leading with Honor – “My boss is hesitant to hold people accountable and we have folks on the team that don’t carry their weight. What can I do?” Answer – “Your manager probably lacks courage to deal with the issues. How can you encourage him or her? […]

On This Day in Leadership History for March 19, 2017

Any Scrabble or “Words with Friends” fans out there? On this day in leadership history in 1955, “Scrabble” debuts on board game market. What’s the leadership lesson? Leaders should do something in addition to work to keep their mind sharp. Try a board game! Scrabble – Wikipedia

So grateful for the endorsements about Engage With Honor

So grateful for the endorsements that keep coming in for Lee’s latest award-winning book, Engage with Honor – here are a few more – thanks for the opportunity to share: “Lee’s philosophy of respect for the individual and integrity (two of Swagelok’s core values) are on display for the reader. His experiences should serve as […]

Narcissistic Leadership Tendencies? 9 Behavioral Warning Signs

By Lee Ellis Typically, narcissism is historically associated with physical beauty. You may recall that in Greek mythology, Narcissus was the handsome young man who became so enchanted with the image of himself in the pool that he could not pull away. Today we hear about a leader who has narcissistic tendencies, but it’s not […]

Don’t Widen the Plate – A Fantastic Baseball Lesson in Leadership

In a world where it seems that many people want to bend or change the rules to fit their personal agenda, this article bucks that trend. In this inspiring baseball story, retired coach John Scolinos shares his experience on the topics of accountability and facing challenges with courage. You have to read it – check […]

Employee Engagement Checklist – 5 Steps to Better Results

What are some things honorable leaders can do to build relationships and increase employee engagement? Relationship connections are a need of human nature in every generation, and it’s a real stumbling block for strong leaders that don’t understand this fact. 70% of Americans are not arriving at work committed to delivering their best performance. Here’s […]

Happy 44th Anniversary Operation Homecoming!

Every year is a year worth celebrating! Today is the 44th Anniversary of my and my brothers release from the prison camps of Vietnam. Grateful for freedom and remembering those that paid the ultimate price today.      

On This Day in Leadership History for March 12, 2017

On this day in leadership history in 1884, Mississippi establishes 1st US state college for women. Mississippi University for Women is still in operation today and has taught many notable graduates working in various industries today. What’s the leadership lesson? See a need, fill a need! Mississippi University for Women – Wikipedia    

Giving Back Highlight – Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF)

Lee and his wife Mary are longtime advocates of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) with their time and financial contributions. There are more than 58,000 names on The Vietnam Memorial Wall. Every single one of them has a story that you can help keep alive. Please Learn More about them and share with others […]