On This Day in Leadership History, January 31, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 1936, the radio show “The Green Hornet” debuted. Though both the police and the general public believe the Hornet to be a criminal, he used that perception to help him infiltrate the underworld, leaving behind for the police the criminals and any incriminating evidence he has found. Sometimes […]

The Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy”

The Latest Book Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy by D. Michael Abrashoff. When Captain Abrashoff took over as commander of USS Benfold, a ship armed with every cutting-edge system available, it was like a business that had all the latest technology but only some […]

What Kind of Excellence Do You Want to Accomplish? The Telltale Signs Revealed

What a great reminder about the balance between Excellence and Mediocrity! What kind of excellence are you aiming to accomplish? Compare your leadership style against the list below – “Your company is approaching an intersection. The light is green. Turn left and you’re headed toward Excellence. Turn right and you’re headed toward another kind of […]

Need a Way to “Set the Tone” with Your Team this Year?

Need a way to “set the tone” with your team this year? Thousands of leaders have used the Courage Challenge card to unify their teams to serve with character, courage, and competence. 10-pack card sets available – visit the Leading with Honor Online Store for details. And, please share if you’re already using it – […]

On This Day in Leadership History, January 24, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 1985, Penny Harrington became the first woman police chief of a major city, Portland Oregon (940 officers and staff). Harrington began working as a policewoman in 1964, when there were only 12 women in her department. What personal and professional challenges do you think that Penny had to […]

Thank You, Autumn, for Your Kind Words!

Thanks Autumn F. for your kind endorsement of Leading with Honor – “Fantastic book. I bought it after I had taken it out from the library & read through it. I don’t buy too many books as my house isn’t big enough for much of a library, but this one was worth it as I […]

Decoding Leadership: What Really Matters

by Claudio Feser, Fernanda Mayol, and Ramesh Srinivasan – McKinsey & Company (Editor’s Note: Occasionally, we feature exceptional articles on the topic of natural leadership behavior that we think may be of insight and interest to you. We hope that this article from McKinsey & Company is helpful in your leadership development process.) Telling CEOs […]

New Lee Ellis Interview from the US Dept of Public Affairs

In this new interview clip from the US Dept of Public Affairs, Lee shares his personal thoughts on crisis leadership and the lessons that he learned from his senior leaders as a young 20-something lieutenant. Please watch and share with others – Veterans in Blue Series – Link  

On This Day in Leadership History, January 10, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 1913, all partner interests in 36 Golden Rule Stores were consolidated and incorporated in Utah into one company. The new corporation was the J.C. Penney Company. You have to admire the courage of the owners to name a store after the legendary principle of “doing unto others as […]

New Infographic: Find and Balance Your Leadership Tilt to Achieve Your Goals

Award-winning author and leadership consultant, Lee Ellis, surveyed hundreds of leaders about their greatest leader, the most important natural behaviors beyond character and hard worker were Results and Relationships. Leaders must get results to accomplish the mission, stay in business and be competitive, but they also must build relationships because it’s people (with motivations and […]

Wrestling with a Personal Goal This Year? Remember This Important Point…

If you’re wrestling with a personal goal this year, the reality is that sacrifices will need to be made to achieve it. Period. On the positive side, though, giving up an old mindset or behavior can actually lighten the load mentally, emotionally, and physically! And it’s a great way to authentically lead others. Years after […]

Ways to Inspire Your Team to Lead with Honor – See Inside

Inspire your team to lead with honor in 2016! Leaders love our smaller items like wristbands, courage challenge cards, and reminder cards for their team or staff. Check them out in the Leading with Honor Online Store. If you’re already using them, please share!

On This Day in Leadership History, January 10, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 1990, Time Inc. and Warner Communications Inc. completed a $14 billion merger. The new company, Time Warner, was the world’s largest entertainment company. When you’re in ongoing competition with another colleague, leader, or company, sometimes it makes sense to join forces rather than expend energy competing against them. […]