How to Train Yourself to Make Character-Based Decisions

Hear Lee’s latest interview on one of the top-rated talk radio programs in Alaska, The Glen Biegel Show, as he and Glen talk about character-based leadership and decision-making. One of the most important points that Lee says in the interview is that all leaders are tempted to make unethical decisions, but we must decide in […]

What Industry Seems to Have the Most Competent, Honorable Leaders? Read More

In our recent State of Leadership Survey, we ask the question “What industry seems to have the most competent, honorable leaders?” So far, the responses are – Business/Corporate (24%) Government/Politics (0%) Military (57%) Healthcare (3%) Education (16%). Do you agree with these results? Take 2 minutes to complete the anonymous State of Leadership survey, and […]

Dealing with Your Doubts

Great leadership article from “The Leadership Freak” on dealing with your doubts as a leader, and how to positively use doubt as a skill rather than a weakness. Read, and let us know what you think –

Interesting Article on HP CEO, Meg Whitman, and Her Unique Leadership Style

In case you missed this article earlier this year in Forbes Magazine on Hewlett-Packard CEO, Meg Whitman, it’s an interesting read. Gotta love the style of this former CEO that helped build the online behemoth, eBay. This quote from the article talks about her transition into HP – “So the new HP attitude starts at […]

Free Your Mind Beyond Your Circumstances – A Hopeful Message to Leaders

Who needs this leadership message? We all do! We’re all have times when we’re trapped by limiting attitudes, mindsets, or circumstances that keep us from operating at our best (for ourselves and for others). Lee shares his unique thoughts and advice in the October 2013 edition of Speaker Magazine and draws a parallel in his […]

3 Traits Leaders Need to Shape a High-Performance Culture

As a leader, would you like to create or work in a successful, high-performance culture? Here are 3 Traits Leaders Need to Shape a High-Performance Culture. One trait that article mentions is the need to crave data to explain the underlying beliefs and assumptions of the internal team, clients, and customers (If it’s working, why? […]

FAQ – “Is leadership something inborn or developed? If not, how do you develop leaders?” Read the Answer and Share Your Opinion

“Is leadership something inborn or developed? If not, how do you develop leaders?” This is a question that Lee is frequently asked. Do you agree? Any additional insight from your experience? Lee’s Answer: “Every person has some inborn characteristics for good leadership, but not every person is inclined to want to lead.  Some people are […]

Early Leadership Survey Results – Over 80% Believe This Fact – See Enclosed

When comparing industry sectors of Business, Government/Politics, Military, Healthcare, and Education, over 80% of survey respondents say that Government/Politics needs the most work in cultivating competent, honorable leaders. Is that a surprise to anyone? Take our State of Leadership Survey and share your voice on key leadership issues – thank you!

The Key to Breaking a Stalemate in Life and Business – Listen Now

Author and leadership development consultant, Lee Ellis, had a great conversation yesterday on The Mike Huckabee Show. In it, Lee says that the missing leadership piece with the government shutdown (or any leadership situation where a stalemate occurs) is courage. It takes courage for any leader to get in there and find a solution rather […]

Challenge the Process without Blowing Up

Who has ever had this challenge? You’re in a meeting, and you believe a key decision is going in the wrong direction. How do you effectively challenge the process or decision without blowing up and making it an emotional scene? Great article below—click the link and share your thoughts or experience.

What’s the Root Issue of the Government Shutdown? Notes from the Cliff

(Editor’s Note: Back in January 2013, Lee posted this article when our government was discussing the possibility of a shutdown. Here we are a few months later, and now the possibility has become a reality. Lee addresses an important root issue that affects all of us whether we work in our nation’s capitol, own our […]