Why Handing Out LinkedIn Recommendations Like Candy Could Kill Your Reputation

By Kendra Lee, President, KLA Group (Editor’s Note: In Lee’s ongoing emphasis on leading with character, courage, and competence, we wanted to share this guest post related to the growing popularity in LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements.) Think about the last time you agreed to give one of your favorite businesses, vendors, consultants, or colleagues a […]

Announcing the Leading with Honor ‘Courage Challenge’ – A Special Invitation

Lee Ellis defines courage – “I define courage as doing what’s right even when it doesn’t feel natural and doesn’t feel safe. Overcoming fears to do what we know is right—that’s leading with honor.” Like the leaders in the Hanoi Hilton, acts of true courage minimize fear, selfishness, pride, and they embrace wisdom, character, humility, […]

On Leaders and Accountability (Part 5): Seven Tips to Celebrating the Big Payoff

A momentous payoff has just occurred in your team as you’ve applied the guidance in this ongoing series of articles on accountability (previous articles links provided below)—your direct report has successfully accomplished his or her goal(s)! Things have gone well; as their leader, your expectations have been met and possibly exceeded. What Next? So what […]