Dealing with Anger and Bitterness and Other Life/Leadership Lessons Learned

Lee had a great interview with Miami’s WIOD News Radio 610am with hosts Jimmy Cefalo & Manny Munoz recently. They talk life and leadership lessons learned, and the importance of overcoming emotions like anger, bitterness, and depression under difficult circumstances. They also talk about: – why Lee isn’t bitter now from the POW experience – […]

How to Fight to Win in the New Year – Part 1

Life itself is a fight at virtually every turn. To win in sports, the athlete must fight against the limitations of the body and the efforts of the competition. To win the new job, the candidate must fight for the interview and for the offer. To win at home, the spouse or parent must fight […]

Fox & Friends Interview – Four Primary Lessons Learned in the POW Camps

Here’s a clip of Lee’s recent interview with Fox & Friends on January 4th. Great interview with relevant wisdom and advice that anyone can use! The main points of interview were – (1) Know Yourself (2) Guard Your Character (3) Confront Your Doubts and Fears and (4) Bounce Back, and Be Resilient. These four principles […]

On Leaders and Accountability: Notes from the Cliff

As we prepare to launch into the New Year, I’ve amazed at how the word “cliff” has dominated the news. We’re obviously not talking about the very dangerous physical sport of cliff diving which can be a thing of beauty and grace done by the professionals. No, it’s the political sport of dancing on the […]