2 Tips to Be a More Grounded Leader in 2021

At its core, being more grounded means having a rock-solid foundation for making decisions and managing our lives through the array of information overload, political jockeying, or the constant stream of disinformation. For more than 22 years, the steps that Leading with Honor uses for leadership development always start with know yourself. Two ways to do it when the pressure’s on are to confirm your Character and Natural Talents (or DNA behaviors):

Tip #1 – Maintain Good Character

Of course, it’s easy to just assume we have good character. But the daily reporting of widespread failings in integrity and ethics makes it clear that the greatest threat to our culture is not COVID-19; it’s the lack of character in our leaders—at every level. It’s not just a character crisis in our era, as history is replete with human character failures.

To guard our character, we must have an intentional character plan and fight for it every day. Do you have that plan? If not, how do you guard your character? If you don’t have your own code, take a look at the Honor Code at

Tip #2 – Understand Your Natural Talents

Our natural talents tend to tilt toward being either more results/task/mission focused or relationship/people/social focused. Our 30 years of research shows that about 40% go one way more than the other—with only 20% having somewhat of a balance, meaning natural talents for both.

Knowing and using our best talents propels us toward success. But a lack of awareness of our missing talents and struggles means we can’t manage our downside, and this is crucial for leaders. Without some effort to manage our struggles, they will be seen by others as weaknesses. Download the Leadership Balance Case Study to learn more about this topic at

The Outcomes of Knowing Self

So, when we consider issues of character and the challenge of balancing our focus between mission and people, we see the need for self-awareness and self-management. Without them we’re going to either get lost or get in our own way and eventually make missteps that sabotage our success and reputation with others and those around us.

Please post your comments and experience on this topic too.

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