2 quick tips to manage difficult, dominant personalities

Perhaps you have heard it said about a powerful leader, “There’s a graveyard just outside his/her office for those who dared to confront them with the truth.” What’s the recognizable pattern of a dysfunctional dominant personality? Note the progression below when they are caught in a mistake.

Step 1 – Deny

Example – “That’s not true.” “It never happened.” “You’re wrong.”

Step 2 – Defend

Example – “You don’t understand; there is a good explanation.”

Step 3 – Demonize

Example – “They are out to get me. They are jealous, etc.”

Step 4 – Destroy

Example – In this step ruthless tactics are employed to undermine or eliminate the opposition.

How do we deal with situations like this one?

(1) Admit that we’re all capable of this type of behavior on some level. If needed, correct past mistakes and re-commit to honorable leadership.

(2) If you’re being led by a Dysfunctional Dominant personality, know that their behavior will eventually catch up with them; the best thing that can do is to daily commit to leading with character, trust, and courage in all of your relationships.

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