2 Best Ways to Develop Your Strengths

Here’s a quick checklist on knowing your strengths and then the 2 best way to develop themLet’s focus on yourself first:

  • Do you know your best talents?
  • Do you know what roles they fit the best?
  • How did you discover that?
  • Was it through trial and error?
  • Did you get confirmation through a behavioral assessment?
  • Did you learn about your talents through the affirmation and feedback from others?

All are important and valid ways of talent discovery. Trial and error is a good way to learn, but it can also be slow and painful. Let’s look at the two best way to determine your natural talents (strengths): assessment and insights from others.

  1. Assessments. There are many kinds of assessments, but the assessment that we use in personal and team training compares your score to a standardized score to predict your best traits and the strength of them. Sadly, many enter fields of work based on what Mom or Dad wanted, what their friends are doing, or what pays the most. Conversely, matching natural talents to roles is freeing and energizing to help people truly succeed, and assessments play an important role.

Recently, we’ve been exploring the power of identity for building confidence and success in life.  Knowing our talents is an important part of human identity. Knowing yours can be powerful. Helping others understand theirs is an opportunity to help them accelerate their growth in a positive direction.

  1. Insights from others. We all have self-doubts. They come at us at many angles and one of those is our abilities. Do we have what it takes? Do we have the talents to succeed? Most of us face those questions along the way and especially in the early years or when we’re embarking into something new. One of the best solutions to those doubts is the specific affirmation of others who “call out” our talents.

This is one of the great responsibilities of leaders, teammates, friends, and family members. When you specifically highlight and encourage someone’s talents, your confirmation is powerful to knock down self-doubt. You are giving a gift that you may never know how it played out, but you can be sure it lifted them higher. Please coach yourself to affirm others’ talents. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give.

I challenge you to reflect on your own life and recall the people who called out your talents and encouraged you. What has been the power those words have had on your life? That would be a story worth sharing.

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