A Proven Method of Leadership Development

Through a proven method of leadership development training based on principles learned in some of the most challenging circumstances of the POW environment, people will learn how to become authentic and courageous leaders. We have more than 25 years experience in the research, development, and deployment of human behavior assessments and have used them daily focused exclusively on leadership for the past 20 years.

We help clients break away from old barriers, learn new skills, and free people to work with more passion, energy, and productivity. Our proven leader process is based on a top-down strategy designed to lift an entire organization to a new level of performance. The desired outcome is a culture of leaders developing other leaders – a multiplying effect.

We offer the following self-study as well as live facilitated options for your organization.


Live Facilitated Training Program

We offer the following topical modules to create a customized, live training session for your team or organization:

– Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton

– Understanding Talents for Self and Others using the Leadership Behavior DNA™ Assessment

–Understand your Unique Strengths and Struggles

–Courageous Communication with People

–Results and Relationships Leadership Balance

–Understanding and Relating to Differences

–Team development (with a DNA Behavior Team Report)

– Leadership Balance: Results and Relationships (Mission and People)

– Leadership Engagement: Withdraw, Dominate, or Engage

– Understand and Develop Emotional Intelligence (EI)

– Guard Your Character and Conquer Your Fears

– Engage with Honor: Courageous Accountability for Self and Others

– Build Cohesive Teams Through Courageous Conflict (Judicious Debate)

– Performance 360 Feedback: Leadership Development and Personal Growth Focus (1-Day Class)

– Develop Your Team: The Art and Science of Managing People (the Leadership Behavior DNA Assessment is required.)

– Clarify the Culture and Over-Communicate the Message (2-Day Executive Retreat or consulting session)


Live Training Options

2, 4, or 6-hour training options are available as well as customized options for your team or organization.

Download a Live Training Summary


Self-Study Training Program

To improve learning and retention, we recommend that all participants receive a copy of the book, Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton.

Then after a keynote presentation, designate an in-house coordinator to manage a multi-week training using the Leading with Honor Group Training Program. It contains 14 sessions, and each session is a chapter in the book. We recommend allowing up to 1 hour for each session.

Download a Self-Study Training Summary


Our Team and Training Methodology

Our team uses a mix of learning styles and methodologies to maximize learning and retention such as –

– Traditional training instruction

– Team breakouts

– Large group Q&A and exercises

– Interactive visuals

– Printed training guides

– Various digital technology solutions


We create a custom learning process with each client to ensure that the training experience is remembered and applied.

Read More about Lee Ellis and our Team of Training Consultants.

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