Leadership Behavior DNA

  • Leadership is manifest as behaviors, and our natural behaviors give us our strongest leadership talents. Do you know your unique strengths and struggles?
  • What is your leadership balance between mission (results) and people (relationships)? Eighty percent (80%) of the population is naturally good at one and not very good at the other. Which way are you tilted?
  • Do you have a leadership development plan in place?


Leadership Behavior DNA is the only report that was developed to answer all of these questions and more. It combines a unique set of results to help all leaders graduate to the next level in their leadership growth, and it’s effective for leaders in all stages of growth.

Created in partnership with DNA Behavior International®, leadership consultant, Lee Ellis, designed these series of reports specifically to pinpoint the most important elements for assessing and improving leadership behavior.

Lee began observing leadership behaviors while serving as a junior officer in the POW camps of Vietnam. There he witnessed talented and courageous leadership that contributed to their survival, resilience, and victorious return home. Then later in his career as a military officer leading two military schools and now a corporate consultant and trainer, the conclusion is that leadership always makes a difference.


Training Services

Leadership Behavior DNA™ is one of the premier assessment services to grow mature, trained leaders in your organization. Many of our clients take the next step and use one or both of the training options below to enhance their objectives –

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Training and Workshops

We offer half or whole day training events for your team or staff led by a certified Leadership Freedom LLC trainer. The Leadership DNA Behavior Report is the basis for these live events, and events are customized to meet the specific needs for your organization.

Clients consistently see immediate positive improvements in individual and team morale, transparency, and unity.

Certified Advisor Training

Many of our clients like the accessibility and ease of having a certified Leadership Behavior DNA Certified Trainer inside their organization. Independent consultants also see the value in providing Leadership Behavior DNA as an important component of their service offering.
– Are you a Human Resources or Training Professional working in an organization that would like to use Leadership Behavior DNA with all new and tenured staff?
– Are you an independent consultant that would like to offer Leadership Behavior DNA as part of your products or services?


Report Services

This scientifically validated service evaluates natural behavior and operating styles using 8 primary factors and 24 sub-factors to clarify an individual’s leadership DNA talents. Simply put, we know how to help you and your team discover their personal leadership style.

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The Leadership Behavior DNA Report

This 19-page report is the foundation for all assessment options. It provides accurate, personalized results on –

– Insights on Leadership DNA Traits (based on the eight factors of behavior)

– Natural Leadership Strengths and Struggles

– Natural Communication Style

– Results vs. Relationships Balance

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The DNA Behavior Coaching Report

This 24-page report reveals more in-depth results from the industry-leading 24 sub-factors to maximize potential in the workplace, ideal workplace needs, settings, and challenges for optimum performance.

The DNA Behavior Team Report

This in-depth custom report delivers an integrated look at team member results on the unique behavioral styles of each team member, how they interrelate, and analysis that will help the leader mitigate gaps in team dynamics.

The DNA Behavior Comparison Report

This report reveals similarities and differences by graphically comparing the scores of two people and offering communication and relationship keys for each person.

The DNA Behavior Hiring Report

This report gives specific insights for the following areas by:

– Successfully helping leaders, recruiters, and HR professionals evaluate a candidate’s behavioral insights into a person’s best fit for tasks, team roles, work environment, and rewards.

– Providing suggested interview questions based on their scores, and they relate to both strengths and struggles.

Leadership 360° Discovery Process

This insightful process is designed for leadership development in a coaching setting or leadership development class.

– Seventy-five questions help to provide feedback on real world leadership effectiveness through evaluations by four rater groups – Direct reports, Manager(s), Peers, and Others (such as customers, board members etc.)

– These questions cover seven categories of leadership with average scores by question and by rater group in the following areas – Leadership Proficiency, Results Drive, Effective Communication, Relationship Building, Leader EQ, Trust, and Business Values.


Contact a Leadership Behavior DNA Representative to learn more and get a customized quote on these report services.

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