Leadership Behavior DNA

  • Leadership is manifest as behaviors, and our natural behaviors give us our strongest leadership talents. Do you know your unique strengths and struggles?
  • What is your leadership balance between mission (results) and people (relationships)? Eighty percent (80%) of the population is naturally good at one and not very good at the other. Which way are you tilted?
  • Do you have a leadership development plan in place?

Created in partnership with DNA Behavior International®, leadership consultant, Lee Ellis, designed these series of reports specifically to pinpoint the most important elements for assessing and improving leadership behavior.

Lee began observing leadership behaviors while serving as a junior officer in the POW camps of Vietnam. There he witnessed talented and courageous leadership that contributed to their survival, resilience, and victorious return home. Then later in his career as a military officer leading two military schools and now a corporate consultant and trainer, the conclusion is that leadership always makes a difference.

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What Others Are Saying

“We have used the Leadership Behavior DNA assessment for over 5 years now and find the reports very insightful. We screen all potential employees and use the results to determine if the candidate would fit the job role. In addition to the hiring process, we use the tool to help our team understand how they can communicate with other associates more effectively.”

– Shaun Callahan, President, Georgia Fluid System Technologies



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