Leadership Learning: 3 Minute Clip on Florence Nightingale

Some of today’s most respected leaders today have learned the discipline of studying other people’s lives through biographies to learn from their mistakes and capitalize on their strengths. Take 3 minutes and watch the biography of woman nurse pioneer, Florence Nightingale. Then please share your comments – thank you    

Leading with Honor Coaching – Free Signup Offer

Each month, Lee Ellis shares a free ‘Leading with Honor Coaching’ video like the clip below, but it’s only available when you sign up to receive in your inbox. Click to Register or sign up at the bottom of our website, and please share with others! Thank you –  

Connect with the Heart – An Engage with Honor Coaching Clip from Lee Ellis

In author and leadership consultant, Lee Ellis’ latest book, Engage with Honor, he trains how to “Connect with the Heart” in your personal and professional relationships. A dogmatic, authoritarian leadership style no longer works in today’s business and work culture. Please watch and share your comments – thank you    

560th Fighter Squadron Celebration Last Week – Watch the Clip

Please watch the great celebration clip below. This is where I re-qualified after the war and later was privileged to command this squadron from 1980-1982. The ceremony at the “missing man” monument to remember those who did not come home was highlighted by a T-34 flyby with former POW cellmate General Chuck Boyd as number three. […]

Connect: Know Yourself—Know Your People: Watch This Coaching Clip

Want some proven leadership consulting on connecting with others? The first critical step is to know yourself and know your people! Lee explains this tactic in the clip from Chapter 6 of his book, Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability. Special bulk purchase options available for team development.      

New Lee Ellis Keynote Presentation Clip – Watch Inside

In this clip from a recent keynote speech, author and leadership consultant, Lee Ellis, describes some of the stories and leadership lessons learned from his Vietnam POW experience. Visit the Keynote Speaking page for more information on upcoming events or availability for your event.