Infographic: The 12-Point Resilience Checklist

We all need to build up our level of resilience! We hope that this tool is helpful to you in life and leadership. Please review and share your comments in this post. Download the optional PDF version. View on our SlideShare page.            

SlideShare – 6 Ingredients for a competitive winning recipe of success

Some time ago, Lee enjoyed a corporate dinner event with the client and heard some great words of wisdom from the CEO. Earlier in the day, he had observed that the morale and energy of the group to be unusually high—even after a long day of training classes at a conference. This brief slide presentation […]

Be aware of you and your team’s performance potential – see inside

What are the unique strengths and struggles for each of your team members? And how do they affect team performance and unity? Self-awareness is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. Take a moment and get a quick, free snapshot by taking the Leading with Honor Assessment. You may be surprised by the results – click here […]

The updated Courage Challenge Card is here!

The updated Courage Challenge Card is here! Thousands of leaders are using this small card to help improve their communication skills. Download your free copy or purchase them in bulk in our Online Store.      

See if you’re doing all 4C’s – the List inside

On average, our guess is that you’re only doing 2 of the 4C’s on a regular, consistent basis—it’s because you’re continuing to grow! Whether you’re a parent, friend, or leader, doing all 4C’s is a fantastic goal for life and leadership. Please read and share – thank you The 4C’s of Courageous Accountability Explained Lee […]

Stuck in Challenging Leadership Situation? See Inside

In challenging conversations, which team members withdraw from the conversation? Which ones try to dominate? What if everyone chose to engage instead? The Courage Challenge card is a popular tool that Lee Ellis uses in coaching and training, and it’s available to you! Download a copy and/or purchase copies for your entire time in the […]

Insight into Lincoln’s unique leadership balance

Abraham Lincoln has been repeatedly voted as our most popular president, probably because he achieved great results in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances. But did you ever stop to think, how did he do it? What was his secret, and what are the keys to success of the “greatest leaders?” Feel free to download […]

20 leadership strengths and struggles – 1 assessment

20 potential leadership strengths and struggles – 1 assessment to analyze your unique scores. Take the free Leading with Honor Discovery Profile to get a snapshot of your natural leadership style. Please Share this assessment with others – thank you          

The Updated Courage Challenge Card is Here!

Download the new and improved Courage Challenge Card with our compliments. In stressful situations, do you ten to withdraw, engage, or dominate? Lee Ellis has created this small but powerful tool to help you stay strong and engaged as a leader! Visit the Courage Challenge page to get your copy.      

How many of these 7 core behaviors in the Honor Code do you use everyday?

How many of these 7 core behaviors in the Honor Code do you use everyday? Let’s all encourage each other live with character, courage, and commitment – feel free to share this graphic! Download a free version of the Honor Code suitable for framing and posting in your office or team area. Visit the Honor […]

Need a Set of Core Values for Your Team or Home?

The Honor Code from Lee Ellis shows 7 core behaviors that he uses with consulting clients. Need a set of core values for your team or home? Use or share this one with our compliments –   Download the full Honor Code free version that is suitable for framing in your home or office.

New Infographic – “How to Build a Culture of Courageous Leadership”

For leaders today, courageous leadership is the key solution for increased performance, morale, and getting results. More specifically, the foundation of successful leadership is actually courageous accountability. The new infographic from Lee Ellis is a practical tool to understand the lack of accountability, the obstacles, the 4C’s of making accountability a regular part of honorable […]