Lee Ellis Receives Coveted CSP Speaking Designation

Please celebrate this new, special honor with Lee! He just received the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation at the Annual National Speakers Association Convention held in Orlando, Florida this week. Only 1.5% of speakers worldwide can claim this special title, and we’re celebrating his special achievement. On average, this rigorous certification process takes 5-10 […]

3 Ways to Lead in Preserving Our Independence

By Lee Ellis <<<Sign up and get instant access to Lee’s monthly coaching video on this topic>>> Amidst the social gatherings and backyard barbecues of the Independence Day celebrations that we have each year, there are many important and dramatic stories about the sacrifices of our founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. Some […]

Happy Flag Day!

Great reminder from my friends and speaking client, Northwest Battle Buddies          

Special Memorial Day Weekend Honoring Lance Sijan – See the Photos

On this special Memorial Day weekend, I was in Milwaukee WI for the Lance Sijan F4C Phantom dedication at Mitchell field. In addition to the dedication, we’re also remembering his ultimate sacrifice many years ago in service to our nation. It was an honor to be chosen to ride in the parade in his restored […]

Another Book Award for ‘Engage with Honor’ – See Inside

Another Book Award for Engage with Honor! It just won the Leadership category in the distinguished 11th Annual Indie Excellence Awards Program. It also placed as a finalist in the non-fiction cover design category, too. WINNER – Leadership Category  – Link FINALIST – Book Cover Design Non-Fiction – Link        

A New “Leading with Honor” business testimony

We’re ecstatic by this new Leading with Honor testimony from a large construction company owner – please celebrate with us: “As soon as I could get my hands on a copy of ‘Leading with Honor’, I read it. Shortly thereafter I bought more copies and gave to each of the key people in my company. […]

Honoring and Remembering Col Leo Thorsnesss USAF (Ret) – 1932-2017

Please join Lee Ellis and the Leading with Honor Team in expressing our thoughts and condolences for a fellow Vietnam POW who flew west this week, Colonel Leo Thorsness USAF (Ret). As part of the band of brothers in the Vietnam POW camps, Col Thorsness returned home with honor and continued to be an important […]

Carole Hickerson’s Inspirational Vietnam POW Story

Here’s an inspirational story for your Tuesday! When Carole Hickerson’s husband was missing in action during the Vietnam War, she started a movement of families frustrated by a lack of information on their missing loved ones. In fact, her husband Steve was the inspiration for the silhouette displayed in the POW-MIA Flag that is still […]

CEO Netweavers 2017 Executive Symposium

  What a great time last week with colleagues, friends, and executives at the CEO Netweavers 2017 Executive Symposium. I was able to share thoughts and strategy on “Mining and Refining the Leadership Gold in Millennials”. Thanks to all who participated in this special gathering –  

Training Leaders at SAS Shoes – San Antonio TX

Last week, I was so fortunate to consult and train the team and staff at SAS Shoes in San Antonio, TX. The retreat setting was a beautiful property 70 miles NW of San Antonio.  The small cabin where I stayed was an original that the owners bought in East Tennessee and sent back to this […]

New Podcast on Vulnerability, Authenticity and Leadership

In this new podcast with Gareth Young, Lee talks about his life, his service, and his business and offered many rich and wonderful lessons that point leaders towards an authentic, happy and fulfilling life and career. Listen on the Podcast Website and be inspired! Please share your comments, too – thank you    

Thank You Accounting and Tax Prep Leaders!

THANK YOU Accounting and Tax Preparer leaders for your hard work, guidance, and leadership during this season. You help everyone lead with honor and integrity, and we’re grateful for your influence. Keep leading with honor!      

Announcing the Latest Book Award for ‘Engage with Honor’

FreedomStar Media is excited to announce another award for Lee’s latest book, Engage with Honor! The 2017 Reader Views “Reviewers Choice Award” Program just announced Engage with Honor as their Winner in their Business/Sales/Economics Category. We’re honored by this special recognition, and thank you for celebrating with us – Read More Read More about Engage […]

So grateful for the endorsements about Engage With Honor

So grateful for the endorsements that keep coming in for Lee’s latest award-winning book, Engage with Honor – here are a few more – thanks for the opportunity to share: “Lee’s philosophy of respect for the individual and integrity (two of Swagelok’s core values) are on display for the reader. His experiences should serve as […]

Happy 44th Anniversary Operation Homecoming!

Every year is a year worth celebrating! Today is the 44th Anniversary of my and my brothers release from the prison camps of Vietnam. Grateful for freedom and remembering those that paid the ultimate price today.      

On This Day in Leadership History for January 22, 2017

On this date in leadership history in 1995, The San Francisco 49ers became the first team in National Football League (NFL) history to win five Super Bowl titles. The 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers 49-26. What’s the leadership lesson? You can repeatedly win in your field or industry, but do it with character, courage, […]

Respecting Winners and Encouraging Losers

The morning after Clemson defeated Alabama to take this year’s national college title, my friend Bill Lampton published the thoughts of his friend, quarterback William Day. It is a great reminder of two things:  – the hard work that it takes to achieve your goals. – the importance of respecting the winners and encourage the […]