More results-oriented and relationship-oriented? Be honest with the enclosed list

Are you more results-oriented or relationship-oriented? Be honest with the list below: Results Oriented                                                             Take charge, decisive Introverted, focused High standards, task oriented Challenging, speaks directly Logical, organized Skeptical Relationship Oriented Encouraging, supportive Trusting Good listener Gives positive feedback Concerned and caring Develops others The key is better balance with both. Here are 5 Tips: […]

Quick Leadership Coaching Moment – Managing Fears and Doubts

Dealing with leadership doubts and fears? We all do! It’s often at the root of emotions like anger, shame, guilt, and pride. It termites our self-confidence and torpedoes our personal and professional relationships, further undermining our success and goals. It causes procrastination and resistance to reasonable and needed risk-taking, and stymie initiative to overcome obstacles […]