2 quick tips to manage difficult, dominant personalities

Perhaps you have heard it said about a powerful leader, “There’s a graveyard just outside his/her office for those who dared to confront them with the truth.” What’s the recognizable pattern of a dysfunctional dominant personality? Note the progression below when they are caught in a mistake. Step 1 – Deny Example – “That’s not […]

Lead from Your Core Values: 3 Way to Get Ahead of the Competition

(Editor’s Note: This blog ties directly to The Honor Code—7 Core Behaviors for Honorable Leadership that can guide all leaders to honorable behavior. Download a free copy at The headline on the cover of the May 2017 issue of Fast Company profoundly states: “Put your Values to Work.” That’s a great idea for leaders […]

Training Magazine Article by Lee Ellis on Leadership DNA

New Lee Ellis article published in Training Magazine – “Leadership DNA: How to Use It to Assess Yourself and Employees” – Every person has a unique DNA that guides his or her natural behavioral (personality) strengths and struggles—yes, everyone has both strengths and struggles. It’s an art and science to lead each person uniquely…please read […]

The Doom and Gloom Report on Millennial Leadership—Fact or Fiction?

By Lee Ellis | Sign Up to receive the coaching video for this month’s topic – it’s free and safe. Have you heard that the global workforce is doomed because of the growing influx of inexperienced Millennials? They’re labeled as entitled, lack commitment and drive, impatient, and don’t respond well to authority. And these related […]

5 Ways Telecommuting Saves Employers Money

Telecommuting shows no signs of declining anytime soon because businesses can achieve significant cost-savings allowing employees to work from home. Need to convince your leader how telecommuting will save money? This Entrepreneur Article may help – check it out and please share your comments too    

Ralph de la Vega and His Reflections on the Power of Teams

In this insightful article from Ralph de la Vega, newly retired former Vice Chairman of AT&T, Inc. (and the Foreword author for Lee Ellis’ latest book, Engage with Honor), he shares how the power of teamwork was a critical element in his 42-year telecommunications career as he went from from an entry-level, assistant manager’s job […]

Spring Cleaning Article – Change is Hard But Necessary

Change is in the air, but what kind of change? Whether you like change or not, your control over it starts with self? If you’d like to make some changes in your personal growth, take some advice from the article below from Wildsparq. Read on the Wildsparq blog, and happy Spring pruning! And please share […]

Narcissistic Leadership Tendencies? 9 Behavioral Warning Signs

By Lee Ellis Typically, narcissism is historically associated with physical beauty. You may recall that in Greek mythology, Narcissus was the handsome young man who became so enchanted with the image of himself in the pool that he could not pull away. Today we hear about a leader who has narcissistic tendencies, but it’s not […]

Don’t Widen the Plate – A Fantastic Baseball Lesson in Leadership

In a world where it seems that many people want to bend or change the rules to fit their personal agenda, this article bucks that trend. In this inspiring baseball story, retired coach John Scolinos shares his experience on the topics of accountability and facing challenges with courage. You have to read it – check […]