2 quick tips to manage difficult, dominant personalities

Perhaps you have heard it said about a powerful leader, “There’s a graveyard just outside his/her office for those who dared to confront them with the truth.” What’s the recognizable pattern of a dysfunctional dominant personality? Note the progression below when they are caught in a mistake. Step 1 – Deny Example – “That’s not […]

2 Quick Boosters for Fulfilling Your Values

Need a practical boost to maintain and fulfill your values on a daily basis? Here are a couple of important leadership things to remember from ‘Leading with Honor’: Inspiration is Important and Must Be Ongoing. Emotions are the energy that drives us to accomplish our deepest desires. Find your inspiration from various sources: Spiritual Foundations […]

A Leadership FAQ on Micro-Managing Bosses

A Leadership FAQ from Lee’s book, Engage with Honor – Question: “My boss has his own, negative micro-managing version of accountability. How can I change it to a positive one?” Lee’s Answer: “Recognize that this style is likely anchored in fear or old habits based on what he learned from his boss in his formative […]

A FAQ from Lee Ellis – “My boss is hesitant…”

A Frequently Asked Question from Lee Ellis and Leading with Honor – “My boss is hesitant to hold people accountable and we have folks on the team that don’t carry their weight. What can I do?” Answer – “Your manager probably lacks courage to deal with the issues. How can you encourage him or her? […]

Employee Engagement Checklist – 5 Steps to Better Results

What are some things honorable leaders can do to build relationships and increase employee engagement? Relationship connections are a need of human nature in every generation, and it’s a real stumbling block for strong leaders that don’t understand this fact. 70% of Americans are not arriving at work committed to delivering their best performance. Here’s […]