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On This Day in Leadership History, August 20th

On this day in leadership history, it is Former President Benjamin Harrison’s birthday. During this leader’s presidency, notable accomplishments included unprecedented economic legislation, including the McKinley Tariff, which imposed historic protective trade rates. Harrison also facilitated the creation of the national forest reserves through an amendment to the Land Revision Act of 1891. During his […]

August 20, 2017

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How to Connect with Authenticity – Coaching Video Clip

Is your idea of connecting sending emails without ever spending face-to-face time with your team (meetings don’t count)? The first critical step to truly connecting is to know yourself and know your people! Lee explains this tactic in this coaching clip from Chapter 6 of his book, Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous […]

August 17, 2017

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Want to build up your Resilience reserves for the next challenge? 12 Points Inside

Want to know how to build up your Resilience reserves for the next challenge? There are 12 life areas of life to consider: Roots Forgiveness Values Deepest Desires Faith Vision for the Future Role Models Past Experiences Determination Others Courage Gratitude See the Resilience Checklist Infographic on how to go deeper on each item. It’s […]

August 16, 2017

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New Study – Creative people want women leaders

According to this new study, “intuitive, extraverted and spontaneous women are the best choice for leading creative people”. Now more than ever, creative people want a transformational leader, especially one who uses motivation and intellectual stimulation. Other dimensions of transformational leadership include taking individuals’ needs into account, visioning and modeling. Read More about these findings […]

August 15, 2017

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Virtual Book Clubs – Special Bulk Book Offer

Several Engage with Honor readers are using Lee’s latest book for team development or virtual book clubs. If you want copies for your group, save 20% with our 10-Book Package in our Online Store. Purchase copies in the Online Store.                

August 14, 2017

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On This Day in Leadership History, August 13th

On this day in leadership history in 1942, Henry Ford unveiled his “Soybean Car.” It was a plastic-bodied car that weighed about 1000 lbs. less than a steel car. What’s the leadership lesson? The soybean car doesn’t exist today, but I guarantee that it helped encourage other creative, innovative ideas with others. Your influence has […]

August 13, 2017

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3 Important Insights About Resilience

Even in the dog days of Summer, it’s a good time to build resilience and strength as a leader. Lee has 3 insights about resilience that we all must understand – Life is a battle, and we all get knocked down. The challenge is to stay in the battle and fight to get back on […]

August 10, 2017

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Leadership Lessons from White House Turnover

Interesting article on assessing the leadership implications of the recent changes in White House staff. What is President Trump’s strategy? What effect does it have on the rest of the team? Please read on the [email protected] website and share your comments here – thank you              

August 8, 2017

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How Leaders Bounce Back with Tenacious Resilience

By Lee Ellis Going through tough times that seem impossible. Pushing through a challenge with unrelenting determination. Simply not giving up when you want to call it quits. Doing things that you don’t feel like doing in order to achieve your goal. What personally comes to mind when you think about resilience? What’s your frame […]

August 7, 2017

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Leading with Honor - Training with Lee Ellis

The Old vs New Way of Training

The old way of training and development was focused on competencies through traditional development programs. The new way to truly engage and develop your team comprises that methodology that is –  (1) Flexible enterprise-wide solutions (2) Applicable to all business divisions (3) Peer-Driven facilitation (4) Customized to the individual With Leading with Honor‘s focus on […]

August 7, 2017

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On This Day in Leadership History, August 6th

On this day in leadership history in 1939, Dinah Shore started her own show on the NBC Blue radio network. After failing singing auditions for the bands of Benny Goodman, and both Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Shore struck out on her own to become the first singer of her era to achieve huge solo success. […]

August 6, 2017

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Fantastic Training Testimonial – See Inside

Leading with Honor is so grateful for training testimonials like this one – it’s why we’re in the business of developing honorable leaders! – “A fellow LBDNA Certified Trainer and I just completed a Leadership Behavior DNA Training and Debrief with 43 military recruiting leaders, and we got a standing ovation when we finished. This […]

August 5, 2017

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Stretch Your Leadership to Fight for Clarity! 5 Barriers

Here’s your nudge to fight for clarity today—to stretch yourself as a leader. Clarity is essential in all situations. It’s easy to see the problems when a sports team doesn’t have a clear message. In a more typical workplace culture, it may be more subtle but can be even more disastrous. To understand the battle, […]

August 3, 2017

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Leadership Mini-Bio – Watch Amelia Earhart

Interesting 3-minute clip on this female leadership aviator, Amelia Earhart. Pay attention to the challenges she encountered, yet emerged from them to be the pilot that she wanted to be. After her solo flight across the Atlantic, she embarked on her flight around the world and disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.    

August 2, 2017

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Fight the dog days of August with honor and gratitude!

Fight the dog days of August with honor and gratitude! Let’s encourage one another with the goal of being honorable leaders. Get the Leading with Honor eBook and have it on your phone or tablet at a moment’s notice – Amazon Link            

July 31, 2017

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On This Day in Leadership History, July 30th

On this day in leadership history in 2001, Lance Armstrong became the first American to win three consecutive Tours de France. However, in 2012, he was banned from sanctioned Olympic sports for life as a result of long-term doping offenses. What’s the leadership lesson? Do whatever it takes to guard your character. Leading with Honor […]

July 30, 2017

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Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here’s How to Tell

One of important skills that Lee focuses on during his speaking and training is EQ or Emotional Intelligence. It’s come into vogue in recent years, with numerous books being written about the subject. This article from Cornerstone University gives a good synopsis…you can read it here. And please share your comments and wisdom in this […]

July 29, 2017

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Infographic: The 12-Point Resilience Checklist

We all need to build up our level of resilience! We hope that this tool is helpful to you in life and leadership. Please review and share your comments in this post. Download the optional PDF version. View on our SlideShare page.            

July 25, 2017

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Watch this clip – Why living and leading in paradox is a key to growth

In this leadership coaching clip, Lee Ellis explains the critical “why” of paradox. How can you be a visionary yet practical? Chaotic yet orderly? Competitive yet supportive? And listen to his practical yet sobering Vietnam POW story on they had to use paradox to overcome a stinky challenge. Read the article on this topic, too. […]

July 25, 2017

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