On This Day in Leadership History for April 23, 2017

On this day in leadership history in 1860, the Democratic convention in Charleston SC was divided over slavery. Contrary to popular belief about the South, slavery was not widely accepted by everyone in these states. Many courageous leaders fought for the freedom and rights of African Americans in this region of the country. What’s the […]

Insight into Lincoln’s unique leadership balance

Abraham Lincoln has been repeatedly voted as our most popular president, probably because he achieved great results in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances. But did you ever stop to think, how did he do it? What was his secret, and what are the keys to success of the “greatest leaders?” Feel free to download […]

Leading with Honor as Group Training or Book Club – See Inside

Have you read Leading with Honor and want to use the book as group training or book club? Join thousands of groups that are using Leading with Honor Group Training materials. A Leader Guide and Participant Guide are available to take your group step-by-step through each leadership lesson. Check it out in the Online Store […]

New Lee Ellis Podcast with Gareth Young

In this new podcast with Gareth Young, Lee talks about his life, his service, and his business and offered many rich and wonderful lessons that point leaders towards an authentic, happy and fulfilling life and career. Be inspired and listen, and please share your comments –    

Training Leaders at SAS Shoes – San Antonio TX

Last week, I was so fortunate to consult and train the team and staff at SAS Shoes in San Antonio, TX. The retreat setting was a beautiful property 70 miles NW of San Antonio.  The small cabin where I stayed was an original that the owners bought in East Tennessee and sent back to this […]

This month’s recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “The Heart of Change”

This month’s recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “The Heart of Change” by John P. Kotter. Building off of Kotter’s revolutionary eight-step process, this book vividly illustrates how large-scale business change can work. With real-life stories of people in organizations, the authors show how teams and individuals get motivated and activated to overcome obstacles to change—and […]

Endorsements keep coming in for Engage with Honor – See Inside

We’re so grateful for the endorsements that keep coming in for Lee’s latest book, Engage with Honor – need a plan to lead your team with courageous accountability? Check it out where you buy books: “…Ellis demonstrates that this difference comes from having the character and courage to do the right thing. A must read […]