Your Opinion – “Delta’s Oil Refinery Earns Record Quarterly Profit”?

What’s your opinion on this news item – “Delta’s Oil Refinery Earns Record Quarterly Profit”? Several year ago, Delta was criticized for diversifying their business into oil industry.Now it seems that their entrepreneurial creativity is paying off. How we can learn from this example? Please share your comments –

Leadership Spotlight – Pat Danforth (Mary Kay Cosmetics)

Lee was honored recently to meet Pat Danforth, retired National Sales Director of Mary Kay. Her husband Jim was a Vietnam War fighter pilot hero and instructor at SOS Command at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. They are amazing, influential leaders in their respective areas!

Honorable Leaders at SOS Maxwell AFB

I had a fantastic experience with these Squadron Officer School (SOS) commanders and key staff at last weekend’s warrior symposium. It was such an honor to present my leadership stories and experience. Grateful for these honorable leaders!

Discover the Natural Behaviors of Your Team – Leadership Behavior DNA

What are your natural leadership behaviors? How about your team? Lee Ellis has an entirely separate training services division called Leadership Behavior DNA™? Based on more than 30 years of research and experience in developing leaders, it focuses on some of the key behavioral issues of leadership, helping managers adapt their leadership style to help […]

On This Day in Leadership History, October 25, 2015

On this day in leadership history in 1955, The Tappan Company introduced the microwave oven for home use. Just think how this product eventually revolutionized every home in America. How can you re-think a strategy or way of accomplishing your work that could change the trajectory of your goals? Step out of the day-to-day process […]

Who’s the Honorable Leader on Election Day 2015? See Inside

Time is approaching for Election Day 2015! How will you vote on your local, regional, and state elections this year? Download a free copy of the non-partisan Leading with Honor Voter Evaluation Guide to help you determine the best candidate for public office. And please share your comments in this forum on the most important […]