On This Day in Leadership History, May 31, 2015

On this day in leadership history in 1884, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg patented “flaked cereal.” Inspiring and exploiting your personal creativity can make many, many people happy if you’re willing to share it! Think out of the box (no pun intended) and find solutions that benefit entire populations of people in your sphere of influence. […]

Giving Reminder During the Summer for Leaders

During the summer months, please remember vital non-profit organizations that are preparing for the Fall season. Lee Ellis and Leading with Honor support several organizations that provide help, wisdom, and practical service to active military and veterans around the world. Learn more about them, and please share the non-profit organizations that you support!

Need a Leadership Boost During the Summer Months?

Need a quick leadership coaching boost during the summer months? Take 5 minutes and watch Lee’s monthly Leading with Honor video coaching. It’s exclusively available by signing up for the Leading with Honor email – Sign Up Here

Struggling to Get a Positive Perspective? See Inside and Be Encouraged

Struggling to get a positive perspective in a situation? Need an attitude adjustment? Here’s an excerpt from Lee’s book, Leading with Honor, on staying positive – “POWs are not alone in facing hardships. All leaders face difficulties and challenges every day. None of us can control what the next day will bring, but there is […]

On This Day in Leadership History, May 24, 2015

On this day in leadership history in 2001, Temba Tsheri, age 15, became the youngest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Great leaders of the future start as the young leaders of today. Help and encourage next generation leaders around you to develop their natural skills and interests!

An Inspiring Example of Honorable Leadership – See If You Agree

One of the most important attributes of leadership is honoring and inspiring others. In this fantastic example, President Ronald Reagan displays, in such an inspiring way, how to humbly honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice during Memorial Day. Please share your comments –