Leading with Honor Wisdom for Today, October 31, 2014

“Voters—here’s the real challenge: we don’t need empty promises made by politicians whose only goal in life is to get elected or re-elected. We need leaders with attributes that qualify them to lead us through the difficult challenges we’re facing.” – Lee Ellis

Management Lessons from NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover – Interesting Leadership Article and Perspective

Interesting article on discussing the “Management Lessons From NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover.” What does it take to successfully execute a project of this magnitude? Check out the article, and here are a couple of leadership insights – “The trick for successfully building complex one-of-a-kind machines where hundreds of thousands of things need to be […]

Cutting Through the Political Rhetoric & Voting for Honorable Public Leaders

How many political ads have you seen or heard in the last few weeks? Most would say, “Too many!” Cut through the rhetoric, and evaluate the best public servant through the lens of character, courage, and competence. Download a free copy of the non-partisan ‘Leading with Honor Voter Evaluation Guide’ to help you determine the […]

Leadership on This Day in History, October 26th, 1994

On this day in history, October 26th, 1994, the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty was signed that settled relations between the two countries, adjusted land and water disputes, and provided for broad cooperation in tourism and trade. It included a pledge that neither Jordan nor Israel would allow its territory to become a staging ground for military […]

The Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “Eyes on the Horizon” by Gen. Richard Myers USAF (Ret)

The Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “Eyes on the Horizon” by Gen. Richard Myers USAF (Ret) In this captivating memoir, General Myers talks candidly about his career in the military, the unforgettable events of September 11, and the global war on terror. With an insider’s perspective, he outlines the mistakes made by the White […] Lecture Series Invitation: “Mastering Engagement: The Tension to Withdraw, Dominate, or Engage”

Here’s a Special Online Event Invitation for You on October 29th, 2014! All leaders have three choices in employee recognition – they can Dominate, Withdraw, or Engage. Lee Ellis, will share the mental, emotional, and practical tactics to professionally engage and train others to properly engage. Participants will receive a free engagement tool as part […]

Two Frequently Asked Questions on High Performance Teams in Leadership

Two Frequently Asked Questions about High Performance Teams in Leadership that Lee Ellis answered recently: Question – “What is the role of a leader in building a high-performance team?” Answer – (1) The leader is crucial because he/she sets the tone, attitude, culture, and example of what is and is not okay. (2) The leader […]