Show Your Support of Courage and Character in Leadership!

Keep a daily reminder of how to lead with character, courage, and competence – Leading with Honor items such as reminder cards, wristbands, and courage challenge cards are available in our Online Store. Great for the corporate boardroom or next generation teaching in school or community clubs and classrooms. Visit our Online Store for more […]

How Assessment Tools Clarify Leadership Risk and Growth

By Lee Ellis Carla, Senior Vice-President of a Fortune 200 company, has the challenge of evaluating the natural leadership potential of several team members. She had worked with all of them for some time, but she’s unsure about the best criteria to match the needed skills for the job with the potential candidates. Not only […]

Giving Highlight – Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

Lee Ellis and his publishing company, FreedomStar Media, proudly support the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. Its mission is to provide quality Joint deployment support & reintegration services to all Service members and their Families enabling them to sustain the rigors associated with deployment or mobilization. Lee speaks to hundreds of military officers and their families […]

It’s National Tell a Joke Day

Today is “National Tell a Joke Day” – we’re leading the charge and sharing a cartoon with you. Tell a joke to someone today, but make it a good one!

“Don’t Get Mad: Get Even-Keeled” – How to Give/Receive Criticism That’ll Help You Grow as a Leader

Emotional fluctuations we experience in intimate relationships can often take similar form in the workplace. Criticisms are communicated as personal attacks, rather than concerns to be addressed. Daily irritations fuel disgust, sarcasm, and contempt. These situations result in defensiveness, dodging of responsibility, and a passive resistance that comes from feeling unfairly treated. Harry Levinson, a […]

Teaching Teens to Lead – How Important Is It?

Teaching Teens to Lead—how important is it? Roughly 28% of recent college graduates are described as “deficient” with only a small fraction deemed highly skilled. Leadership requires practice, but young people get few opportunities to do so. What can you do? Check out the article below, and share your thoughts – Click here to read […]

Two Frequently Asked Questions on Building and Maintaining Teams

Here’s a quick nugget of wisdom for your Monday—2 Frequently Asked Questions on Team-Building in Leadership – Q: “What is the role of a leader in building a high-performance team?” A: “A leader is crucial because he/she sets the tone, attitude, culture, and example of what is and is not okay. A self-aware leader must […]

11 Things the Military Teaches You About Leadership

Whether you’re a veteran or simply appreciate the values instilled in military personnel, here are “11 Things the Military Teaches You About Leadership” – good reminders for anyone wanting to grow and stretch what they apply as leaders. Click to Read courtesy of CareerBuilder. Which leadership item in this list do you appreciate the most? […]