Monthly Archives: June 2014

Congratulations on the 60th Anniversary of the U.S. Air Force Academy!

We are genuinely grateful for the skilled leaders that have graduated from this institution, served our nation, and protected the freedoms that enjoy today. Attached is Lee’s message to them—please join us in celebrating this achievement! (Note: to see a larger version of the message below, click here and view page 9 from CheckPoints Magazine.)

The Latest Recommendation from Lee Ellis’ Bookshelf – “Courage” by Gus Lee

In this guide to doing the right thing, ethicist Gus Lee presents a self-help approach to solving hard-edged problems. The key to effective leadership, he argues, is “principled conduct under pressure”—in short, courage. While courage is hardly the one-size-fits-all magic bullet that Lee envisions, much of his advice is valuable, particularly that dealing with communication, […]

The First Moments of Lee’s POW Capture – Watch the Interview Clip

In dramatic detail, Lee shares how his POW story begins with his shoot down and capture over enemy territory. If you’ve never heard Lee describe these first moments, watch and share – [youtube=] Learn More about Lee’s story and leadership lesson learned at

How to Manage Stress After a Transforming Life Event – Watch the Latest CNN Interview with Lee Ellis

Lee appeared on CNN again last Saturday to discuss more about the ongoing behavioral effects of stress related to Bowe Bergdahl (or anyone who has experienced a life-changing event). How does someone effectively manage long-term stress? Watch this interview, and share it with others – [youtube=] Learn More about Lee’s POW Story and Leadership Lessons […]

Human Resources, Training, and Consulting Professionals – Join Lee as part of’s “Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Virtual Conference” Series on Monday, July 14th at 11:00am EST

The most effective leadership is to achieve the mission (get results) and take care of the people (build relationships). But the reality is that most people are naturally equipped to do only one of these well. In this online webinar session sponsored by, Lee will review eight categories (factors) of natural behavior and see […]