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What If Leaders Have Different Sets of Values? Does it Make Any Difference? Listen to This Interview

[youtube=] Leadership consultant and author, Lee Ellis, visited with Gov. Mike Huckabee on his radio show yesterday, and they had some honest discussion about life and leadership. In the interview, Lee shares the top lessons that he learned through his POW experience as well as current topics such as the mayor of San Diego and […]

Acceptance speech by actor Ashton Kutcher — Hear his Surprising Message

[youtube=] Regardless of your perception of actor Ashton Kutcher, we had to share his recent speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards regarding his perspective on life and work. You may be surprised. What part of his message makes you want to cheer? Related Articles: Leaders Dig Deep and Treasure Their Trials: A How-To Article […]

How to Be a Thought Leader–It’s Easier Than You Think

By Dorothy Crenshaw Becoming a thought leader—everyone’s always talking about it, but who’s really doing it? It’s a cliché in PR and marketing circles. We tend to promise clients we can help make them a thought leader, pepper our proposals with the term, and invoke “thought capital” to differentiate corporations and their most marketable attributes. […]

The Leadership Quality of Humor During Challenging Times – Watch This Interview

[youtube=] In this latest 3-minute interview, author and speaker, Col. Lee Ellis USAF (Ret), talks about a funny moment during his Vietnam POW experience, as well as the overall importance of having a good sense of humor in challenging times. This story and others are shared in his latest book entitled ‘Leading with Honor’. How […]

Washington Needs a Real Shot of Courage—A Call to Action Editorial

Read Lee’s bold editorial on as he encourages leaders in Washington D.C. to be courageous leaders. Do you believe it’s possible for courageous leaders to emerge out of the mire of our political system? What does it take, and who’s doing it well? Click to Read Here And if you believe that this is […]

What’s the Best Leadership Choice in Your Upcoming City or Regional Elections This Fall? Your Free Evaluation Resource

There are dozens of city and state political elections over the next four months, and we want you to be prepared on how to vote for your local public servants. What’s more important—character, courage, or competence? When both candidates seem technically qualified, what’s the deciding factor? To help, we invite you to download and share […]