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Is Experiencing Pain Really Needed in Leadership Development? You Decide – A Brief Video Interview with Lee Ellis

[youtube=] In this quick, 90-second video clip, Lee answers the question “Why is leadership development important?” Great insight and example of how a leader can grow into becoming an honorable leader—this is a MUST WATCH. We’d also love to hear your comments on this topic. How has leadership development been important to you in the […]

“What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?” – Read Lee’s article, published by the American Management Association, on a true leader’s characteristics

Whether evaluating your personal leadership qualities or deciding what type of leader you want to serve in your work (or cast your vote for public office in a few weeks), Lee’s article, published by the American Management Association, provides a great summary of a true leader’s characteristics. Read it here. One of the best statements […]

Deception: A Warning About Taking the Easy Way Out

There are many situations in which it’s wise to take the easy path.  After all, why should we waste time and energy doing things the hard way?  Clearly, compressed-air nail guns and modern washer/dryers are far more efficient than the toilsome methods of earlier generations.  But when it comes to issues of character and integrity, […]